No-Where T-shirt Concepts

Larissa Uredi Graphic Design

What’s life if you can’t have some fun, eh? This internal project is an on-going exploration into how we can use design, branding, and a little bit of humor to leave our mark on the world. Interested in a t-shirt design for your company? Yeah, we do that. 😀

Empowered Man Logo

Larissa Uredi Graphic Design, Logo Design

Mark came to us because he needed a logo and he needed it quick. He’d just launched his new coaching business and was in need of some professional and clean branding to help move him from ‘inception’ to ‘launch’. We pride ourselves on our quick turnaround time and no-nonsense pricing when it comes to logo development.

Kansas City Climbing Club T-shirt Design

Larissa Uredi Graphic Design

When the KCCC (Kansas City Climbing Club) put a call out for a t-shirt design on their page, we couldn’t help but throw our designs into the hat. We love this design and were completely honored when it won by blind vote in the 500+ member group. The KCCC president at the time told us that they’d never received a …

Culture Think Tank

Larissa Uredi Graphic Design, Logo Design, Web Development

The Culture Think Tank is a launch-stage KC-based company that uses data and analytics to express and explain company culture. They came to us initially for assistance with their AdWords and lead generation strategy. After working with them on their messaging and overall company vision, we collectively realized that there was a need for some design and concept work to …

SpecChem PWA

Larissa Uredi Graphic Design, Web Development

While it’s still in development, this PWA (progressive web app) is going to be a great asset for our clients as they build and train their sales team.

KC Sake Co

Larissa Uredi Graphic Design, Logo Design

This logo design concept is for a Sake Company that is looking to put down roots in KC. While we’re still working through additional concepts and imagery, this was one that we were particularly fond of as we worked through ideas. More to come on this developing project but for now, enjoy!